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Bindorim, a German-born man who majored in Korean studies in Korea and a naturalized Korean citizen, and Lee Young-hee, a Korean woman who majored in German literature in Korea, are the founders of Bindorim Honey Candle. They operate Bindorim Honey Candle's workshop in Okcheon village, Munhak-ri, Damyang. They are practicing a life that loves nature by participating in a candle-lighting movement to save exhausted fossil fuels and a slow life movement for a happier and more comfortable life.

Bindorim Honey Candle is a brand which is made by a German man named Bindorim who became naturalized in Korea, and his wife Lee Young-hee, who live together in Damyang, Jeollanamdo. For more than a decade, the couple has been living with nature in a mountain village and making natural wax candles.

Bindorim's products use only beeswax and cotton wool extracted from native bees (Hanbong). Beeswax, a natural material, is a substance produced by bees in their body and must be at least six times more than honey in order to produce 1kg. After finishing the refining process five times, the clean wax is gradually tempered several times to increase its thickness and complete the candle. To make a 4cm thick candle, it must be tempered 80 times.

Bindorim Honey Candles are made from natural beeswax that have a natural yellow color. And if you burn the candle, you will not find harmful fumes, but the fragrance of honey and propolis contained in beeswax. While paraffin candles have dominated the market, the production method of natural wax candles has been hidden, but it is reappearing with the research and efforts of Bindorim and Lee Young-hee of Bindorim Honey Candle.

It is a beautiful example of the life cycle of beeswax candles that they use purely natural materials from nature and slowly burn them back into nature.