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Necklace Lightecho 15

Bogki MIN

Bogki MIN studied metal craft in Seoul National University, and learned accessories and objects of daily life in Pforzheim University School of Design, Germany. After completing his studies, Min worked for Gebrüder Schaffrath GmbH, a German diamond manufacturer known for production and sales of innovative jewelry based on traditional craftsmanship.

He was invited by Tsinghua University, China to lecture on “Boundaries of Jewelry,” and held a director position in “Traditional Culture Heritage New-Design Project” recently organized by a state institution. He is interested in reassessing the value of traditional crafts, and identifying ways and visions for traditional crafts to be passed down to the next generations.

His work is in the collection of Gallery RA in the Netherlands, Schmuckmuseum, Germany and Gottlob Frick Gedachtnisatte, Germany.

Size: 8 x 7.2 x 6 (h) cm

Technique: Rapidprototyping, casting 

Color: Black


Collections: Bogki Min, Wear, Wear, Jewelry

Type: Necklace

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