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Lacquer Spoon and Chopsticks set

EunHee Lee

This contemporary lacquer spoon and chopsticks set can be used for any hot/cold food.

Size: 23 cm
Material: Ott-chil (lacquer) on Wood

Color: Black, Red, Gold


Why Ottchil?

The beauty and lustre of otchil not only satisfy as an aesthetic experience, but history and science have also already proven that the various beneficial effects of otchil- preservative, insect repellent, waterproof and antibacterial, among others - provide environmentally-friendly functions. EunheeLee keeps these strengths of Otchil while displaying products with soft curved designs and warm colors. Eunhee Lee, inspired the antiques used by our ancestors, adds color and simplicity to traditional forms and patterns. Her brand is greeting the public with ottchil products that are comfortable yet stylish, which
can be used by modern people in everyday life.

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