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Silk Cushion 'CS06'

Kyeong Mee Chung

Each of our cushions is imagined and inspired from a painting, a sculpture, a perfume, a poetry… Noble and unique, these beautiful creations would be at your place much more than the simple cushions. 

5 pieces in limited edition

Handmade in Korea
Material: Korean silk
Size: 40 x 40 cm
Cover sold without padding 


Kyeongmee Chung

The brand 'Kyeongmee Chung', and the characteristics of Kyeongmee Chung
herself, are a harmonious combination of the fundamental emotion of Korea
and the style learned from France in which she has spent a long time. As a
designer, she has absorbed both cultures and has lived a professional life in
France for many years. In 2016, she began presenting her unique works under
her own label.
She adds a sense and style unique to France while maintaining the pure style of
Korean crafts, making modern interpretations. All the geometric patterns of her
hand-made bags, pillows, cushions, quilts, etc., are harmonized with various
colors. Korean craftsmanship and color meet her senses and are made practical
and natural for daily life in East and West.
The encounter between the silk of Hanbok and the wool of France is possible
through the delicate arrangements of Kyeongmee Chung. She hopes that her
handicrafts, which show the beauty of fresh colors in real life and at the same
time perform their functions perfectly, will continue to enrich our lives.

Korean Silk

Silk was the traditional material of upper class clothing, and features prominently in list of tribute good exchange between Korea and China. Silk probably first entered Korea from China in the Proto-Three Kingdoms Period, and historical texts and wall paintings show that the fine silks were worn by the aristocracy in the first centuries AD.


Ref. Korea:A Historical and Cultural Dictionary

Collections: Live, Live, Soft Furnishing

Type: Cushion

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