The four basic necessities of life refer to the items that are required for an individual to survive and sustain life. It also represents the cycle of our daily lives.

- Clothing 衣

- Food/Water 食

- Shelter 住

- Movement 行

Our journey aspires to achieve harmony in all aspects of our lives as well as to provide a conscious way of living in and with nature.

So how do we Art Our Lives within that 4 basic needs of human life?

1. Be conscious

Soluna Living believes that we can make our lives more harmonious and meaningful through different things we encounter in our daily lives. We need to be conscious about what we use and what we eat and what we wear in daily life. Only this way you will be able to see what we are doing wrong and what are the things that harms our body and soul.

2. Consume well

Be aware of what you consume. Every choice you make - whether it is what you wear, what we ear or how we live and travel - is on you. Everyday life is a collection of choices and at the end, our lives take on different hues and tones. Every choice shapes our life. Fine your energy and consume positive energy from things you consume or people you meet.

3. Do it slow

Take your time in finding the real meaning of the beauty and know what you need. It is not always easy to find what you like or what you need. You will have to take it slow. Study more about how you would like to change your life, with what types of thing you would like to fill your home or life with, what types of people you would like to meet. Take the slow but right way to achieve balanced and harmonized lifestyle.