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Haecho Chung studied wood craft and industrial art in university, later obtained his master’s in art education. He has researched extensively on wood lacquer (ottchil) in Kanazawa, Japan and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. He is known for the “hyeop-jeo-tae ” technique where strips of hemp are repeatedly layered(some 50 to 100 layers) by using rice glue until the desired shape is achieved. Once the shape is made then it is polished with lacquer - sap from ott-tree, a unique Korean material. It takes about 6 months to create a piece.

His work is in the collection of the British Museum; Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK; and the Philadelphia Museum of Art in USA. His work has been shown at COLLECT in the UK; SOFA Chicago in USA; Maison et Object and Révélations in France.

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