Contemporary Art & Luxury Craft  



Wear-Eat-Live-Travel | 衣食住行 is ‘Clothing-Food-Shelter(home)-Transportation’ that is, ‘the basic necessities of life’. Every choice we make shapes our lives. Soluna carefully selects luxury organic art pieces for you to wear, eat, live and travel with. Soluna showcases products created by a selection of the finest craft artists. We support harmonized lifestyle through introducing fundamental necessities of life.

1. WEAR | 衣

Wear a piece of nature infused with delicacy
- Apparel and accessories characterized by comfort and style such as premium organic cotton shirts and natural dyed scarves.

2. EAT | 食

Food on the table that embraces nature and harmonizes body and soul
Products such as lacquered utensils and high-quality brass tableware that add meaning to your meals.

3. LIVE | 住

Crafted with care and passion, these products capture the essence of dedication
Home decor products and artworks that bring natural beauty to your home and lifestyle.

4. TRAVEL | 行

Travel as an everyday experience gives time to view the world 
Items that travel with you and make your journey worth while.


Soluna Living is a luxury resource for Asian craft which explores the notion of product design as the ultimate expression of self. Soluna Living is for inspired, discerning people who seek a connection between the things they use and the people who make them. Soluna Living is a transformative idea based on the philosophy of living a balanced life. Our name says it all really – Soluna derives from the sun (sol)  and the moon (luna) - nature in balance. We travel the world to connect highly skilled artists and designers who are committed to the balance of a cultural tradition for craft with sophiticated cutomers who share an appreciation for high quality, contemporary design and responsible design practices. Soluna Living commissions and sells unique contemporary objects rooted in craftsmanship and tradition - a fresh and welcome change from our highly mechanized world. We work with Asia’s finest craft makers to showcase the the region's materials, skills and products. Soluna represents a network of artists and designers throughout Asia working in textiles, silverware, ceramics, jewelry, glassware and more. Soluna represents a vision of sustainable luxury expressed through an uncompromising commitment to makers, materials, methods and design. We collaborate with skilled makers to refine and redefine the value of craft. We do this by developing exclusive collections that are available through our e-commerce space by inviting leading talent of the craft world to develop bodies of work for shows and exhibitions, and by overseeing commissions. Our ambition is to meet the growing appetite for contemporary craft and design, and in doing so transform the market place for craft internationally.

Soluna Living is designed for a diverse population who care about each other, themselves and the earth. We believe that the most important reason for green’s growth throughout the modernized world is a deliberate shift to presenting sustainable luxury as not separate and unique, but simply design at its best. In every stage of product development, Soluna adheres to strict green protocols. We also believe that renewability and sustainability are integral to creativity. Sustaining our cultures, traditions and communities is important too. While brand leaders continue to look for ways to move streamline manufacturing to save money and cut corners on quality, Soluna is proud to support local craft makers.