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Thorn Earrings

Jounghye Park

Artist Jounghye, Park combines various elements of plants to create a new imagery. She completes her work by combining units made by dyeing silk fabrics, applying natural colors and sewing them. Just as the roots, stems, leaves of plants are constantly sprouting and growing, her work also shows the growth of plants through diffusion and expansion and expresses the beauty of plants.

3 x 1 x 5(h) cm

Hand-dyed Silk, 925silver



Jounghye, Park

Her inspiration from plants and insects is transformed into wearable jewelry from necklaces to brooches. She studied metal craft at Kookmin University, attaining both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Jounghye PARK applies the heat setting method on colored fabric that is time consuming and laborious.

Until now she has held about 5 solo exhibitions. Her work has been shown in leading galleries in Seoul, Korea additionally as in countries such as the Netherlands, USA, France and more.  

She won the Gold Prize at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale competition in 2013. She is now participating in the residency program at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.

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