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Flower Dish I

Chaerim Lee

This plate possesses the natural flower's curves and delicate features of white porcelain. Slip-casting methods were used and a clear glaze on top to create its clear and unique charm. The artist created these plates in hopes to provide people with uniqueness and beauty in everyday life.


16 x 20 x 1.5(h) cm

White Porcelain, Clear glaze, Reduction fire, 1280℃


Chaerim Lee

Chaerim Lee creates clear and delicate ceramic pieces inspired by Baekja (Traditional Korean white porcelain vessels). Her artwork depicts the organic form of life and the beauty that binds us to nature. She received a BFA in Ceramics, Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea and continues her MFA study at Aichi University of Art, Aichi Japan. 

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