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Purple Flower

Joonyong Kim

 While facing the scorching heat over 1200 degrees, the artist inflates the molten glass, cuts and shapes it. Then, over a long period of time, he grinds the glass carefully, creating his glass artworks that are inspired from the nature.

15 x 15 x 23(h) cm

Blown and Cold-worked Glass



Joonyong Kim

Kim is a leading glass artist in Korea. He incorporates a wide variety of skills in glass in his work, showing mastery and developed skills in the trait. Glass makers are rare in Korea, but Kim as a pioneer is leading the younger generation.

Kim was nominated as one of the 30 finalists for 2018 LOEWE CRAFT AWARD, and in 2019, won the Gold Prize at the Internationale Handwerksmesse in Germany.

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