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Gold Tea Cup

Kanghyo Lee

The cup is made with Buncheong technique, then painted with deep cobalt blue and glistening gold on top.

Buncheong ceramic has fine stomata which allow a small amount of tea to sip in, leaving a subtle trace of colors; a cup that slowly changes with you.  


 7 x 7 x 7(h) cm

Buncheong, Gold Lustre, Cobalt Blue


What is Buncheong ?

Buncheong refers to dark stoneware covered with white slip and a clear glaze. Buncheong is a grayish ceramic ware that lasted for a short period of time between the 15th and 16th century during the Joseon Dynasty. The term literally means to “cover the surface”. This is an authentic Korean ceramic ware known for its surface decoration applying liquefied white clay in a number of different techniques such as brushing, sgraffito, dipping, trailing and more. This is fired to 1280°c.

Buncheong Care

The Buncheong ceramic vessels have fine stomata (pore that allows Buncheong ceramic to breath) and it is a natural phenomenon for food to leave their traces. It is recommended to wash the vessel right after use. 

Ceramist Kanghyo Lee

Lee has spent more than 30 years in pursuit of a personal expression of the Korean Buncheong. He gradually mastered the skill of applying liquefied white clay to the surface of vessels and large platters. The marks he creates are comparable to landscapes depicting Korea’s four distinct seasons. Lee is internationally renowned and his works can be found in the collections of the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Musée National de Céramique Sèvres, France; the Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA and more.

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