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Bamboo Soban - L, Green

Sinjeong Seo

The Bamboo Soban is made with hand-dyed bamboo and weaved into exquisite patterns by artist Sinjeong Seo.  


36 x 36 x 15.5(h) cm

Bamboo, Dyed bamboo



Sinjeong Seo 

The 53rd important cultural asset and master of chaesangjang, learned the technique from her father, SEO Hankyu. Chaesangjang is a technique of bamboo weaving. Since bamboo is the main material for her work, her studio is situated in Damyang, a region rich in bamboo. Her works range from traditional forms to modern ones. Three woven bamboo boxes (in different sizes, made without dye), two round cases, two open-style baskets, bells and props are showcased in the exhibition. These were originally used for storing sewing tools, and keeping valuables.

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