Contemporary Art & Luxury Craft  


SOLUNA is a new global art organization that nurtures and supports the best in Asian Contemporary Art and Craftsmanship. In addition to selling curated collections of unique, highly-crafted products for the home, Soluna is a trusted resource for consumers who know that quality design can enhance the quality of life. Soluna is where highly-skilled artists and designers can connect with consumers from around the world.

Soluna's mission is to connect the things that we use and the people who create them, with who we are, what we value, and how we live.

Our vision is to bring some of the world’s best products to people who value creativity, individuality, tradition and quality. We're building a global network of people with exceptional skills and providing the platform that connects the right customers to the product creators, making the connection with traditions, with cultures and nature.
We seek to become one of the most successful global brands in the marketplace. Not only because of the consistent quality of our products and intricate distribution system, but based on our ability to speak to our customers – collectively and one at a time – with a voice that helps them value what Soluna products bring to their lives.
We are committed to helping our customers thrive in a sustainable economy where people, profit and planet are in balance. To get there, we’re integrating sustainability principles and practices into everything we do: delivering timeless design; supporting local artists, developing sustainable materials; rethinking processes; advocating for change in industry.

In addition to its corporate mission statement, Soluna has twelve guiding principles which guide employees at all levels as they complete their work at Soluna and represent the Soluna corporation globally. The principles which describe and shape the Soluna culture are:

Quality Transcends Time.
Art is Essential to the Human Spirit.
Cultural Heritage is Sacred.
Good Design is a Choice.