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Infinity Series No.10

Sol Yoon

The dynamic movement of life, put into a sphere.


Material: porcelain, white matt glaze, copper matt glaze

Size: Ø38 x h32 cm


Sol Yoon

For potter Sol Yoon, a sphere is the mother's womb where life grows, the egg
that lives, and the seed that holds life. At the same time, the sphere is also a
symbolic form of evolution and the many changes that such an archetype of life
takes to reach the stage of birth. The round softness of its bulk reveals the
flexibility of life as if it were wrapped in warmth, and the clear boundary
between the surfaces shows the strength of life. Just as the soft earth hardens
stiffly and becomes an artwork, the earth, which is the main material of the
work, reflects the dual properties of life.

Through the slip casting technique, the artist creates a circular unit of various
sizes, cuts and disassembles each piece, and rejoins the fragments again.
Through this working method, the partially cut spheres form a single shape.
Looking at the details, it seems to look like an organic form of architecture with
each unit having its own space that can be gained by supporting each of the
others. While the boredom of self-multiplication as a monotonous repetition is
not seen, the appearance of the works which are infinitely reproduced by units
of different sizes is rhythmic.

The artist uses white clay as the main material of his work because it is a
material that implies the meaning of "white" as "the essence of simplicity -
completeness - purity". The subject of the artist Sol Yoon's work is "less is
more” which is a device that enables us to grasp a lot of meanings and stories
within the purest and most restrained minimalist state. The artist uses a white
glaze developed by herself to create a smooth matte feel, creating a signature
white color that is unique to the artist.

Collections: Artworks, Journey

Type: Decorative Art

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