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Natural Honey Beeswax Candle 'Lotus Blossom'


Natural honey wax candles are real natural kind products. They have no scent(natural honey scent), no paraffin, no artificial addictives. The delicate flames are beautiful because they burn only the edges of the edges.

6 x 5 x 6 cm, 100% Natural honey wax, Cotton wick


Why Beewax Candles?

Contrary to the common paraffin candles, beeswax candles do not emit any hazardous substances. They not only help reducing humidity in closed compartments and eliminate unpleasant odors, but fill the room with the delicate fragrance of honey, which can not be matched by any chemical aroma.



Located in the beautiful mountains of Damyang country near Gwangju in the southewest of Korea, a German expatriot and his Korean wife are blending traditional European craftsmanship with the produce of Korean apiculture. Their hand-dipped candles are made exclusively from 100% natural beeswax obtained from local beekeepers and pure cotton wicks. Beeswax candles emit a pleasant, natural scent and burn almost soot-free. Bindorim does not use any artificial coloring or aroma. The characteristic elegant shape of these candles results naturally from the flow of the wax during the dipping process.


Collections: Bindorim, Live, Live, Decorative

Type: candle

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