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Low Round Table - Ban (Yellow)

Jihoon Ha

Soban Table (Tea Table / Individual Table)  by artist Jihoon Ha.

Size: 385 (L) x 385 (W) x 240 (H) mm


Jihoon Ha

Jihoon Ha is internationally well known designer and the first graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in Denmark.

For more details about his bio, please go to our artist section.

What is Soban?

They are small tray-like tables, usually wooden, used in Korea for carrying food and as individual dining tables. They are generally made of walnut, pine or ginko wood, often sourced from the carpenter's local area.

Soban are generally fairly small, due to the historical custom of family members and guests each having their own individual table. 

Collections: Jihoon Ha, Live, Live, Furniture

Type: table tray

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