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Patchwork Duvet_Tencel Blanket

Viin Collection

Size : 160 × 210 cm
Material : Tencel/ Wool (inner)

*Hand wash cold.
*The color, size and material of the product can be customized.

Kang Geum-seong, a native of Andong, Gyeongbuk province, spent her childhood with her grandmother who made Hanbok. As the years passed and the pieces of cloth that she had touched and looked at from her grandmother came before her, the memories of the past became the art of the present. The sewing that started as a hobby became her lifelong craft and a brand loved by many people. Her unwavering devotion to steadily stitching in a single-minded fashion must have played a big role in this.

The Viin Collection, which was named after Sejabin (Viin being another way of pronouncing 'bin'), the wife of a Crown Prince in the Joseon Dynasty, is an artistic handicrafts-for-living brand created with Kang Geum-seong's good sense and experience. It is indeed natural and simple, but at the same time stylish and refined, the Viin Collection of artisan bedding has its own style and elegance. She combines her ideas with tradition to make a variety of products that are used naturally in life, such as futons, pillows, cushions, scarves, baby clothes, and so on. In particular, the bedding needed for an average 7 hours of sleep per day is the most important item that she handles in relation to health. Peony, pinwheel, and pine nugget, which are often seen in her bedding crafts, are traditional designs unique to Korea that are rare in the rest of Asia. In addition, her colored stripe cloth reveals a pattern with the traditional color shades of Korea.

Her works use not only patterns and colors but also contain her feelings from the old days throughout.


Collections: Live, Live, Bedding, VIIN COLLECTION

Type: Cushion

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