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Traditional Weave Bamboo Basket

Sinjeong Seo

The beautiful bamboo case made with exquisite hand crafted from Sin Jeong Seo.The body of the basket incorporates a variety of weaving patterns and techniques. You can use it as cases storing clothes, value stuffs, thread and needles.

Sinjeong Seo, the 53rd important cultural asset and master of chaesangjang, learned the technique from her father, SEO Hankyu. Chaesangjang is a technique of bamboo weaving. Since bamboo is the main material for her work, her studio is situated in Damyang, a region rich in bamboo. Her works range from traditional forms to modern ones. Three woven bamboo boxes (in different sizes, made without dye), two round cases, two open-style baskets, bells and props are showcased in the exhibition. These were originally used for storing sewing tools, and keeping valuables.


Collections: Live, Live, Storage, Sinjeong Seo

Type: Basket

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